On average, U.S.  couples spend between $20,000 and $30,000 on their wedding. A  significant number of couples will spend $50,000 or more on their wedding. This  does not include cost for a honeymoon or an engagement ring.

Why  spend all that money on just one day, when you could be paying off loans,  buying a home, or a whole list of other things?  You can save a lot of  money and have a truly unique wedding at the same time.

At many of our destinations, besides saving money, you and your family and friends will have an unforgettable weekend or week in paradise, and you’ll have a unique wedding that you and your fiancé will remember forever.

At all of our locations, we offer a full-service Destination  Wedding Planner.  They will work directly with you and your partner to  find the perfect ceremony site, which can be one of our beautiful villas. They  also offer a full variety of wedding coordination services and activities for  you and your guests during that week. We can also help you to coordinate and  book other villas for you and your guests in the same area where the wedding  will take place.

Planning a Destination Wedding without help can be  stressful. At The Caribbean Villas we  will make sure that your destination wedding becomes a wedding, a vacation and  a honeymoon!  Let us help you in one of  the most important times of your life so that you have more time to spend with  your immediate relatives and close friends at the destination of your dreams.

Contact one of our specialists for more information. We  work one on one with you to find the right package, coordinator and location  for your event.