The Caribbean Villas Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why should I choose The Caribbean Villas for my luxury villa   rental?
With a portfolio of Caribbean villas and Mexico villas at a variety of   pricepoints, The Caribbean Villas offers a very personalized one on one service   with both our clients and villa owners. The Caribbean Villas works directly with   our luxury villa owners to book the right Caribbean vacation villa, Mexico   vacation villa or Costa Rica vacation villa for you. The Caribbean Villas good   standing relationships allow us to leverage the best possible service. The   Caribbean Villas is not a third party agency. We pay attention to the smallest   details that are often lost with some of the larger companies. From the moment   you contact The Caribbean Villas – until the time you return home – you will   have one point of contact . We have been in the travel industry for years of   experience and we have destination representatives local to each island to   assist you during your villa vacation if necessary. You can rely on us and   always contact us 24 hours per day for assistance.


Q: Does The Caribbean Villas ever discount the listed rental   rates?
Yes, we do have specials so please inquire. The discount for your vacation   villa rentals depends on the time of year of travel, last minute requests and   number of guests. We do our best to find you a Caribbean vacation villa or   Mexico vacation villa that is within your budget.


Q: Does The Caribbean Villas have additional villas and   locations?
Yes, we are continuously adding to our collection of Caribbean villas and   Mexico villa locations so please always inquire for availability. We take pride   in finding a tropical vacation villa rental that will meet your   specifications.


Q: Does it cost more to rent a villa than to stay at a hotel or   resort?
One important attribute of renting a villa is cost savings. Many vacationers   assume an upscale vacation villa would be too costly to rent. However, villas   are competitively priced and a luxurious Caribbean home for rent for the same   amount or less than the cost of a hotel or resort room.


Q: Is there a minimum stay requirement for a villa   rental?
Most Caribbean villas and Mexico villas require a 7-night minimum rental   during high season, a 5-night minimum rental during low season, and a 7-14 night   minimum rental during Christmas and New Year’s. Please inquire for shorter   stays.


Q: How do I book a villa rental with The Caribbean   Villas?
Please contact The Caribbean Villas via phone or email to confirm a property   is available for your travel dates. Once this is confirmed we can proceed with   the villa booking.

Rental procedures vary for each island and villa. All of our villas require a   deposit (typically 50%) to confirm the reservation. We accept payment by   personal check, cashier’s check, money order, wire transfer or credit card   (please contact us for details). Deposit payment must be received within 3-5   days of villa booking to confirm the reservation. Depending on villa property,   the balance due of rent, hotel tax and damage deposit must be received within   60-90 days prior to arrival.


Q: What is the cancellation policy for a villa rental?
Cancellation procedures vary for each island and villa. Some properties will   submit a partial refund for guests cancelling well in advance of their arrival   date, less a cancellation fee. Other properties will offer no refund especially   for holiday rentals unless your travel dates are re-booked to another guest,   less a cancellation fee. The Caribbean Villas will forward you the cancellation   policy for your particular villa rental along with your villa confirmation form.   We recommend guests purchase trip cancellation insurance to ensure you are   covered for any unforeseen problems.


Q: Where can I purchase trip insurance for my vacation?
Trip insurance is highly recommended. Don’t let a last minute emergency ruin   everything. Please contact The Caribbean Villas for additional information.

Q: Does our villa rental come with maid service and a   cook?
The staffing of the villas varies in different locations. Some offer maid   service once per week while others offer daily maid service. St John villa   rentals have typically have once per week maid service. Some of our larger,   private luxury villas have a full staff to cater to its guests including   housekeeper, personal chef, and gardener. Our Punta Mita villa rentals typically   come with a staff that is included in the rates. We can arrange for a personal   chef service at any of our properties at an additional cost.


Q: Does The Caribbean Villas offer additional services for our   stay?
Guests can choose to receive a variety of services to pamper themselves   during their Caribbean villa rental, Mexico villa rental or Costa Rica villa   rental. We can help you arrange grocery shopping for the private villa, general   meal preparation services, chef services, day trips, private drivers and even a   private massage on your sundeck to relax from your trip. Just let us know what   you would like to make your vacation as special and relaxing as possible and we   will do our best to ensure that you have it.


Q: How is the price determined?
Since all of the   Caribbean villas, Mexico villas and Costa Rica villas that we represent are   privately owned vacation homes, pricing criteria can vary from home rental to   home rental, from season to season, and from destination to destination based   upon the individual owner preferences. Location, quality, amenities, inclusive   services, and popularity/availability of the vacation home rentals are all price   influencing factors.


Q: What is included?
Amenities and services vary from   house to house and from destination to destination. Please check the individual   villa description for which amenities and services are and are not included in   each of the villas you are interested in.


Q: What are some of the advantages of a villa versus a hotel?
You will have complete privacy in your Caribbean vacation home   rental, in your pool, and with your family and friends. There can also be a cost   savings when traveling with your family or larger groups. It is comfortable to   enjoy the space in a nicely designed, appointed and outfitted Caribbean home   rental or Mexico home rental.


Q: Can I reserve the same villa for the same time next year if I like   it?
If you would like to reserve the same vacation villa for the   same time next year, The Caribbean Villas strongly encourages you to rebook that   villa with The Caribbean Villas as soon as you return. The most popular luxury   vacation villas are rented quickly. Your The Caribbean Villas Consultant will   call you upon your return to assist you in rebooking your villa, or to help you   find another personalized villa vacation rental in another of our selected   tropical destinations.


Q: How many guests can I bring with me?
A maximum   occupancy number is stated in the villa description (depending upon number of   beds). If you arrive with additional people above the maximum occupancy   allowance, it is grounds for asking you to leave the private home rental and you   forfeit your rental. If you have last minute guests traveling with you, The   Caribbean Villas will be happy to help you find a supplemental villa rental or   hotel accommodations for your guests, or if possible, to find you a larger   vacation villa (if we can replace your rental in your original villa   rented).


Q: Will I need to put down a security deposit on my villa   rental?
Security deposits vary from destination to destination and   from villa to villa. Amounts are determined at the discretion of the villa   owner. For instance, if a villa contains valuable antiques, artwork or   electronics, the security deposit can be greater. Most villas require a security   deposit of some kind (ranging from $500 and up depending upon the weekly rental   rate).


Q: Who do I contact in the event I have a problem at the   villa?
Every villa offered by The Caribbean Villas has a local   contact, local housekeeper, villa manager, or local villa management company who   is accessible around the clock to respond to any problem you might have at your   villa. Most vacation rentals have a guest information book with important phone   numbers.


Q. If we only use part of the villa, will someone else be using the   additional bedrooms and sharing the villa?
No, you will be the only   guests staying at the luxury vacation villa and you will have access to the   number of bedrooms that you rented and full access to the amenities offered,   unless otherwise specified.


Q. What payment methods do you take?
We take Checks, Wire   Transfers, Pay Pal & Credit Cards (coming soon).